Maths: MM: Tues pg 46
TC: Tues pg 30 and learn 2 Division
Gaeilge: Read lth.13
English: Finish Comprehension questions to number 8
Read pg 20-22 Kensukes Kingdom

Reminder for 3 euro for Literacy workshops
Thursday: Dress up as favourite character for World Book Day.


Maths: TC pg 30 2X and learn 2 Division 
MM pg 46
English: Read pg 17-19 Kensuke's Kingdom & spellings
 Gaeilge: spellings
LSB. lth 13


Maths: MM. pg44
Tables: pg  28 Revise 7X,8X and 9X tables
Gaeilge:LSB: lth 71 Read and questions
Irish spellings
English: Spellings and read Kensukes Kingdom 

pg 1-5

Leigh sa Bhaile.

Leigh sa Bhaile.  
Can parents (if you are able to) ask the children the questions that appear on the page and go through the tricky vocab in the corner. Allow your child listen to the audio
there is a parents resource page for this website: http://my.cjfallon.ie/dashboard/student-resources.


Maths: MM.pg 42
TC: PG 27 learn 7X
Gaeilge: Read pg 67
learn songs, poem and lines assembly


Maths: MM: pg 41
Tc:Pg 27 learn 7 times tables
gaeilge: Irish page
English: spellings
Learn songs for Assembly