English: Butterfly Lion read 62-67
Gaeigle: spelling and leigh lth 26
Maths: Tables 8X-pg 20
MM: pg 29
Learn song and lines for play


 English: Read pg 56-62 & spellings
Gaeilge: lth.26 and 4 questions
 Maths: 8X and pg 20 TC
MM. 29
learn lines of play and scrooge song

Next week the students will not have written work as will be learning lines for play.


English: Reread Chapter five Running Free
Comprehension questions in English copy
Read script for play and practice lines
Gaeilge: LSB lth. 12 Read
crios-belt, briste geine-jeans, carbhat-tie, sciorta-skirt, riteoga- tights, iallacha- laces
Maths: MM; pg 28 Monday
tables learn 8X pg 20 Monday


English:comprehension questions 1-7 Read over chapter 4 Bertie and the Lion
4X tables pg 19
MM pg 27
Gaeilge: lth 15


Maths:mm:pg 27
4X tables learn and pg 19
Gaeilge: lth 20
English: Read pg 47
In English copy using pg 47 you are the Creative Connector


Maths: learn 4X tables- pg 19 tues
MM: pg 26
Gaeilge: leigh lth 17
English:Read  pgs 45-50

Monday 20/11/17

Maths:MM pg26
learn 4X tables and pg 19 Mon
Gaeilge: lth : 17  and questions
geansai, guna, t-leine, cota, broga, buataisi
English:Butterfly Lion pgs. 39-45


Gaeilge: lthy 22 Read and answer questions
Maths:MM pg 25
2X tables and pg 18
English:Read pg 32-28

Wed 15/11/17

Maths: MM pg 24
Tables 2X and pg 18
Gaeilge: lth .33 Leigh agus litriu
English: Read chapter 3 The Butterfly Lion
Write 2 Questions you would ask as Discussion Director. (Explain role to parent)

Maths: 2X pg 18 Tuesday
MM:pg 24 Tuesday
English: Read chapter 2 Novel
Super Summariser- In English copy
gaeilge: lsB pg 33

Homework 13/11/17

Gaeilge: LSB. lth 31 Read and answer questions
Litriu: ag snamh, ag imirt peile, ag marcaiocht, ag rothaiocht
Maths:learning 2x tables, pg 18 Monday
master Maths: pg 24 Monday
English: spellings, sentences
and read chapter 1 The Butterfly Lion